Frequently Asked Questions

What types of emergencies are covered by UConn Alert?

UConn Alert is intended for use in announcing major campus-wide emergencies. These might include a campus safety concern, campus closing due to severe winter weather, major fire, hazardous material spill, major weather incident, and other events that threaten one or more of our campuses. More contained situations (for example, a kitchen fire in one dormitory) will be handled by UConn Police and Fire and other impacted departments such as Residential Life and Facilities Operations. In such instances, students, faculty, and staff will be contacted using communications systems such as a fire alarm, campus crime advisory, email, etc.

How will the University notify faculty, staff and students in the event of a crisis?

UConn Alert includes several methods of communication that may be used to notify the campus community in the event of an emergency:

  • Text message alerts may be sent to registered cell phones stating the type of emergency and indicating possible action;
  • Voicemail, email and social media may update students and others about a potentially threatening situation;
  • The Code Blue phone kiosks may broadcast a message and flash lights when there is a campus-wide emergency. There are Code Blue phone kiosks located at all UConn campuses;
  • Outdoor sirens may be activated on UConn campuses as appropriate to alert persons who are not in buildings.

How will be used in the event of an emergency?

Should an emergency occur, the University will activate UConn Alert. Information and instructions regarding the emergency situation will be posted as they are available on the website.

How do I register my cell phone for text message alerts?

  • UConn faculty and staff – Follow the registration link, log in using your NetID and password, and then enter your cell phone number and provider. Follow the same steps to verify or edit your existing cell phone information.
  • UConn students – Update your information via the Student Administration System. Go to the Student Center and scroll down to the Personal Information section. Access the Phone Numbers area and update your cell phone information as needed.

Please Note: UConn Alert does not support Google Voice or international phone numbers. As a result, users of Google Voice or those with international numbers will not be able to receive any text messages during Emergency Communications.

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